Policy Number: 439

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I. General Policy

This policy applies to staff

Rice University recognizes that departments may require temporary employees to assist in getting the job done. Accordingly, departments may hire employees on a temporary basis to:

  • substitute for regular employees on extended medical or family leave,
  • cover vacancies for budgeted positions provided the recruitment and selection process to hire a regular employee has begun, and
  • handle new or special projects, or excessive workload(s), on a short-term basis.

The Employment Office, in conjunction with the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA), works with the department hiring a temporary employee to ensure that the process occurs smoothly and fairly.

Temporary employees may apply for regular employment while they work at Rice on a temporary basis but, regardless of benefits eligibility status or source of income (i.e., whether they get paid by Rice or by a temporary agency), they are not considered internal candidates.

II. Responsible Official and Key Offices to Contact Regarding the Policy and its Implementation

Responsible Official: Vice President for Administration

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Policy History

Clerical Change

February 2, 2018