Policy Number: 206

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The academic year closes with the commencement exercises, and the following year begins with freshman orientation. Any member of the faculty with research projects or other commitments requiring an earlier departure from or later return to the campus should apply through his Department Chair to the President's office for a leave of absence covering the period form the day of departure through the day of commencement or from the first day of freshman orientation through the day of arrival. Even if a faculty member does not participate in freshman orientation, he should be on the campus at that time for consultation with other students and for preparation for the Fall semester classes.

This does not authorize giving final examinations prior to the regular examination period or shifting the date of such examinations without the express approval of the Registrar. Faculty members receiving leaves of absence must make satisfactory arrangements for reporting grades to the Registrar within the normal period.

Policy History


December 31, 1963


January 15, 1967
August 1, 1971