Policy Number: 412

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I. General Policy

This policy applies to all Rice University faculty and staff

Rice University maintains records related to the employment history of all faculty and staff members. The University, recognizing its responsibility to protect employees from unnecessary invasion of privacy, controls access to these employee records. Offices and individuals who have access to information about employees are expected to preserve the confidentiality of this information.

The Office of the President maintains faculty records. The Human Resources Department maintains individual personnel files for all faculty and staff. Together, these files contain official records of each individual's employment and salary history, career progression, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions (if applicable) and termination of employment.

How to apply for access
The access to personnel records is controlled by staff in the Human Resources Department and/or the Office of the President. Access is limited to those who have a legitimate need to use the materials. Those granted access may include current or prospective supervisors. A faculty or staff member also has the right to review their personnel file. A written request or authorization is required in either case, and a convenient time is then scheduled so that a staff member may be present to answer questions or respond to concerns. If errors and/or information with which the individual wishes to take issue have been included in the file, the individual will be given the opportunity to correct these errors or formally record disagreement.

Requests for reference for current or former employees
The Human Resources Department verifies factual reference data in response to requests, preferably when accompanied by a written authorization. The data include name, social security number, position held, and employment dates. With written authorization from the individual, the Human Resources Department verifies earnings for credit checks. If an employee or former employee wants an evaluative reference to be given, they must submit a signed Reference Request Form to the individual being asked to respond or to the Human Resources Department. Policy No. 412-93

II. Responsible Official and Key Offices to Contact Regarding the Policy and its Implementation

Responsible Official: Executive Vice President for Operations, Finance, & Support

Key Office: Human Resources

Policy History

Clerical Change

January 9, 2018

May 1, 1993

September 30, 2022 (Updated responsible official)

February 1, 2023

August 15, 2023

March 4, 2024