Policy Number: 427

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I. General Policy

This policy applies to all Rice University Faculty and Staff

Rice University intends to comply with all city, state, and federal laws and regulations governing its activities. No employee is authorized to violate any law or regulation in the course of his or her employment at Rice. Examples of laws and regulations that apply to the University include, but are not limited to, environmental, anti-trust, occupational safety, employment and scientific misconduct laws.

Any employee who believes that the University is in violation of any law or regulation should report the violation to the General Counsel of Rice University in addition to his or her immediate supervisor and any other administrator with authority to correct such violation. The University will not retaliate against a person who, in good faith, reports a suspected violation of law or regulation, and it prohibits any of its employees or students from punishing or harming such a person.

II. Responsible Official and Key Offices to Contact Regarding the Policy and its Implementation

Responsible Official: Vice President for Administration

Policy History

Clerical Change

January 25, 2018


Policy No. 427-93