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I. General Policy

Rice Retirees are individuals who leave Rice University's employment at the conclusion of a minimum of ten consecutive years of benefits eligible service and for whom the sum of the age at the time of leaving Rice’s employment plus the length of service equals at least 65.

II. Elaboration of Policy

a. Retiree Benefits

  1. Retirees and their eligible dependents who are not Medicare eligible at the time of retirement may participate at their cost in the University Medical Plans according to conditions set by the insurance carriers and the University. Participants who become eligible for Medicare will no longer be eligible for the University Medical Plans.
  2. Covered dependents of deceased employees who would have qualified to participate in the University Medical Plans may continue purchasing Rice group health insurance coverage as dependents of deceased retirees until they reach the plan eligibility limit (age 26) or are eligible for Medicare.
  3. The opportunity to audit courses at Rice and remission of tuition for dependents as provided by the relevant policies.

b. Retiree Privileges

  1. Membership in the Faculty Club, with approval of the Faculty Club Board.
  2. Use of Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center facilities, with the purchase of a Retiree membership.
  3. Rice University "Faculty/Staff, Retired" identification cards for the retiree and spouse.
  4. Book check out privileges at Fondren Library with Rice University "Faculty/Staff, Retired" identification card.
  5. Special rates on season tickets to Rice athletic events as issued by the Athletic Department.
  6. University Faculty/Staff online directory listing under the appropriate heading.
  7. Regular faculty/staff discounts on non-credit School of Continuing Studies courses.
  8. Access to maintain their Rice email account according to established procedures in Information Technology.

Retirees who have served 20 years or more or deceased faculty and staff who meet the same criterion are further recognized by a tree planted on campus and dedicated in their honor.

III. Cross References to Related Policies

Rice University Policy 430: Tuition Remission for Dependents
Rice University Policy 432: Tuition Reimbursement
Rice University Policy 409: Tuition Waiver and Auditing Courses at Rice

IV. Responsible Official and Key Offices to Contact Regarding the Policy and its Implementation

Responsible Official: Executive Vice President for Operations, Finance, & Support

Key Office: Human Resources


Reginald DesRoches, President

Policy History


November 1996


January 15, 1998; September 6, 2023